Advanced modules

Advanced module


It learns the secrets to create a perfect picture! In this integral module, Stephen Power shares its knowledge of more than 28 years of experience exceeds how to dominate different areas from the picture photography, including the social, corporative and advertising picture, as well as the work with adults, new born, young and families.

Advanced module


It dominates to the art of the photography of trips and landscape! Our advanced module will take you in a trip around the world with Francesco Carovillano who will explain everything to you what you need to know how to create surprising images of professional quality, that in addition will provide fabulous memories to you for all the life. You will learn the secrets of the composition and how to select the best subjects, as well as the planning and configuration of your takings in the correct places and the best moments of the day to be able to remove the best benefit to the iconic places, the tourist activities, and even to the changes of the climate and your photographic equipment.