The Author

George Seper began its photographic race in the city of New York at the beginning of years 70 photographing theater productions and portraying actors. He emigrated to Australia in 1974 and he established his first study in S­dney in 1978 after to have worked during three years as assistant for the creative director of the Vogue magazine, Patrick Russell. During that time also Hans Feurer worked as assistant of the great Swiss photographer, as well as of the legendary English photographer, Norman Parkinson.

The personal work of George initially concentrated in the fashion and the beauty and worked as habitual collaborator of the magazine Vogue, Mode, Cleo, GQ and Cosmopolitan. George photographed the masculine fashion and feminine of the moment and its work occupied the covers of numerous magazines. Between their clients the best designers fashionable of the country include themselves.

Looking for other forms of creative expression, George began to take gastronomical photographies for the Vogue magazine in the decade from the 80 with Carolyn Lockhart, who was at that time the masculine fashionable publisher and gastronomy of the Vogue magazine. Its gastronomical photography revolutionized the form to photograph plates since it approached foods with the eye of a fashionable photographer and often it worked with camera in hand of 35 mm and natural light. This way of work supposed a rupture of the conventions in the decade of the 80. George was pioneering in the use of the low depth of field that soon became the world-wide standard in food photography.

Their gastronomical photographies have appeared in publications of more than 30 countries, as Vogue Italy, Madame F­garo of Paris, Gentleman, Martha Stewart Living, Gourmet, travelling Gourmet, Vogue entertainment and trips, as well as a series of magazines from Russia to Brazil. He has photographed several books of kitchen and their clients of publicity include Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, McDonalds and Wild Turkey Bourbon to name only some. In the course of his long race, George has worked extensively in London, Paris and New York.

In addition to developing a mighty race in the gastronomical photography and after to have left back the world of the fashion in the middle of the 80, George also began to shoot to photography of interiors magazine To live it on Vogue at the end of the decade. He achieveed a great success in this area and worked widely also for magazines of style of the high range, as well as for commercial clients as Ritz Carlton and the Hilton hotels.

In the George year 2000 he took himself very deserved rest and he dedicated himself to sail, to return to work in 2005 renewed and inspired. At the moment he works photographing a series of books of kitchen for Murdoch Books. At the moment George is represented in Australia, America and Europe by the agency of Stockfood photos:

George has formed to everything an army of photographic assistants in the last years, many of which now have their own races of success. Now he has decided to write this course with the purpose of to transmit his enormous wealth of knowledge on the photography and its business.

Very we are satisfied with which it has chosen to the Institute of Photography as platform for the education of his unique abilities.

This course has been a very beautiful experience for me, I have learned very many more than it hoped to me and furthermore it has made me decide to me to be a professional photographer. I began studying this course to be a fan advanced in photography but this course has inspired to me to be more than that.

Hair Orozco Cordoba

Sant Cugat of Valleys

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