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Frequent questions

I can be taken more than 24 weeks to make the course?

The course is designed so that you can do it to your own rate. Normally it is hoped to dedicate an average to him of around 4-6 hours to the week during 24 weeks. Nevertheless, many students take until a year to complete their studies due to familiar or labor commitments.

How I communicate with my tutor?

The paper of the tutors is to evaluate your tasks and of providing a customized feedback to you. Also they are available to respond to any question that you can have on the course. You can communicate at any time with your personal tutor through portal of the student, to whom you will have access once you have register.

I have to attend classes?

The complete course of form online. This means that there are no classes to which to attend. You can study when you want and to your own rate.

I must have a photography base?

No. The course is designed to facilitate the learning to the students who have had little or no experience in photography.

What equipment I need?

Everything what you need for your course of professional photography is a camera. One r©flex digital or without mirror is the ideal, but certainly it is not essential.

Also we recommended a recent version of Adobe Photoshop. Nevertheless, it can use other edition programs of photos.

When I can begin?

As the course is provided online, you have flexibility to begin when and where it agrees to you. If you register today, for example, you could begin immediately.