This it is a course of photography of vanguard created and directed by some of the best photographers of the industry. The objective is to provide the knowledge and the abilities to you necessary to initiate a race as professional photographer or fan of high level. A course totally updated and very complete, that includes all the aspects of the photography.

The Course of Professional Photography is distributed online and consisted of 12 integral modules with its corresponding interactive works. The time half required to complete the course is of 24 weeks, although in necessary case they are possible to be taken up to 12 months. During this time you will receive a very complete formation in all the fields of the photography with George Seper, one of the best photographers freelance of the moment. Seper will share with you its vast accumulated knowledge during years in the profession, and it will guide envelope how to apply this knowledge to you to the areas of the photography that interest to you more.

The photographer profession not only has to do with producing worthy images of prize, but also with securing the image adapted at the precise moment. Press, magazines and websites anywhere in the world are constantly to the search of new and interesting materials. The opportunities are enormous and always increasing.

How to study online?

All the learning becomes online, and at the time of the inscription you will receive a name of user and password that will allow you to initiate your session in our portal of the student.

Thence you will be able to be unloaded the first module, that could be compared to your text book, since it contains all the information necessary to complete the first work. Each module has approximately 60 pages and is full of detailed and developed technical information of a way friendly, colloquial and easy to understand. The concepts are explained additionally by means of diagrams, images and examples.

Once completed each work (some are only theoretical, but the majority combines the theory with funny practical exerciseses) one rises our website so that a tutor reviews it and he evaluates it. The tutors will give to a note (from 1 to 10) and one complete evaluation you of your work, in addition to ideas and suggestions so that you can be improving to each passage of the course.

What does to the so unique Institute of Photography is that throughout the course you will have access to the training equipment in the service of support and attention to the student, with whom you can be put 24/7 in touch. One is not simply that they give a text book you and already is - far from it.

You will have direct bonding with a personal tutor, who will guide to you step by step through course, and that will offer a customized and specific constructive critic to you on your works. If sometimes you have some question on the course or some of the exercises, everything what you need to do is to send to your tutor an e-mail and this it will respond to you as soon as it is possible to him.

With this near system of position of a guardian, you will feel as at home having the tutor, and everything from the comfort to be in your own space. The tutors who work for us are not only professors, but they also count themselves between the best professionals of the branch. With this system you will have the advantage to accede to professionals who will help to develop your true potential you.

When finalizing successfully the Course of Professional Photography you will have acquired the abilities and knowledge necessary to full-time turn you into an independent photographer or partisan, to have a profitable secondary activity or simply to develop a new and exciting hobby.

The photography enchants to me and it helps me at all the moments, good and of life bad. It is a way to show what I see and to express themselves. This course has helped me not only to improve but to want to follow in this world. Thanks therefore.

Silvia Pe±a Martinez


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