Jos© Ignacio Montero Hern¡ndez

On me

Jos© Ignacio Montero Hern¡ndez (Plasencia, 24 of August of 1993) culminated its studies of EGB in C¡ceres, city in which lived during 5 years. Influenced by the historical weight of the frontier city and its patrimonial wealth it felt the necessity to enter itself totally in the world of the arts, reason why Baccalaureate of Arts was decided to continue its formation attending. To his conclusion one was based in Talavera de la Reina with the purpose of to form professionally as photographer, artistic branch by which feels predilection. An attraction feeling that arose to the early age of 9 years, when they gave his to him first camera and that it has not made but increase over the years. €œAs of that day I HAVE NOT STOPPED to realise photographies€, it emphasizes.