Miguel Ariza Gomez

On me

I am called Miguel, I been 27 years old, I am licensed in INEF (Sciences of the Physical Activity and Deporte), and am also Help of Pharmacy. Work for two years in a pharmacy. But always the photograph has interested me, I collect the National Geographic magazine for 15 years by its photographs. Now I believe that it is the moment for learning this thorough art, and for being able to catch every moment that appears to me of a professional way but. Coverall use my camera nex 5 when I go away of trip, my hobby preferred along with the photograph. The other days also use the chamber, but coverall use iPhone, since it is what I have always by hand. My objective for this course is to acquire more security at the time of knowing if I am making a photo correctly, since it never knows if in the future near could use my photos of professional form. And to determine that type of photograph is the one that occurs me better and more I like.