The Institute of Photography offers the solution to you more outpost and completes at present available for the learning online. The education online has become very quickly the method of favourite study anywhere in the world for people who are looking for new abilities that allow them to generate more income, to initiate a successful race, to turn a passion into something more rewarding or to realise a search of their personal improvement.

It learns when you want, in your own house and to your own rate.

Although the programs of remote education have already been available for some time and by a variety of suppliers, they are the interaction and the immediacy of the network those that have revolutionized the methodology of the contemporary study.

Our commitment to provide a program of education at the high level is translated in some unique systems of education and support to the student whom exceptional results are producing. Our students create works of great quality consistently and reach high levels of competition in a short period of time; some results majors of which other methods of education can provide. The continuous profits of our students, the professional recognition and the external validation of our programs are a testimony of the high quality of our courses.

The Course of Professional Photography offers the alternative more possible outpost to a conventional classroom for the learning of the photography. We offer the best course of photography online available today in any place of the world, using the most modern techniques of learning online.

Our course offers all the necessary one to you to achieve the success that you look for.

Although some schools offer courses of photography by correspondence as an addition to their conventional education, we we have specialized in the education of the photography only through Internet. The days of the shipments of tapes of by email audio or video, CDs, DVDs or proceedings through e-mail have been finished. Our methodology gives to the student a fast access him to its tutor online, which allows to a relation student/professor who approaches most possible the conventional classroom.

It discovers your true potential with the following step - register to you today and you extend your education with the learning online.

The Institute of Photography, an ally for the improvement of your future.

This course has served to me very many to acquire my own photographic glance, thanks to the help of my tutor I have developed a photographic speech that allows me to have the confidence to feel photographer to me.

Jairo Rodriguez Nieto


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