This website is administered by Online Education Pty. Limited. Next a summary is offered to how its privacy is protected during its visit to our Web.

Compilation of information

The information in this website takes shelter of two ways:

- Indirectly through the technology of our site and

- Directly when you provide information to us.

An example of the information that we compiled indirectly is through our registries of access to Internet. When acceding to this site its Internet address is compiled automatically and it is placed in our registries of access to Internet. An example of the information that we compiled directly is through use of cookies. The cookies are small archives of information that keep and recover information about their visit to the website. For example, how it entered the page, how it sailed by her and the information to which it acceded. The cookies that we used to only identify him as a number. If he does not wish that the cookies obtain data, you can go to his Internet service provider that will tell him how to deactivate a cookie through menu of the navigator.

Use of information

We analyzed the data obtained in this website to determine the effectiveness of our site and to make modifications to improve the experience of the user. If the information that we obtain is used for some other intention, our intention will communicate to him when to ask for the information. If it does not wish that their is collected, it can respond to our request consequently and its information will not keep.

Use of smaller children/

The services provided by this website are generally destined to adults of 16 years. If you are smaller of 16 years, his father or tutor must approve his entrance in the course, as well as the compilation, the use and the spreading of his personal information, according to the settled down thing in our Policy of privacy. The approval of its father or tutor must be provided before it provides any personal information to us.

Protection of the information

Online Education Pty. Limited does not sell its information to third parts. Online Education Pty. Limited can share information with third parties, but if that information is provided directly by you and you have been only informed in advance into this fact.

General regulation of protection of data of European Uni³n (RGPD)

Online Education Pty. Limited is committed to guarantee that all the data collected by our organization are protected in all the aspects, in agreement with you rule established by the general regulation of protection of data of the EU (RGPD)

We maintain our commitment to guarantee that:

  • The personal data are processed in a fair manner, legal and is transparent
  • The personal data are only compiled and processed for specific and legal aims
  • The data process are adapted, excellent and nonexcessive
  • The data process are necessary and, in necessary case, they stay updated
  • The personal data do not keep by longer than necessary
  • The personal data are processed in agreement with the rights of the individual
  • The personal data stay insurances
  • The personal data are not transferred to third parties

Legality of the processing:

It consults the information contained under the headed ones, €œCompilation of information€, €œUse of information€ and €œProtection of the information€ in our policy of privacy.

Transferred personal is information outside the European Union?

Yes, the personal information in relation to the registered users and the clients located in the EU can be transferred outside the EU in 2 main situations:

The data of the user are loaded and they are stored in our located safe servers in the EE. UU. Maintained by WEBNX. WEBNX owns an ample experience in the protection of data, the defense of the privacy and the fulfillment of complex norms, which help to in line endorse the fulfillment of the requirements of the RGPD in the education.

In the majority of the cases, the personal data that we compiled of our students and potential clients (including whom they live in the EU) are collected, acceded and administered by our international operations and equipment of support to the students anywhere in the world. Online Education Pty. Limited has implemented contractual clauses standard to cover the excellent data transfer with the students of the EU for all the personnel associated with the organization. We maintain very strict principles to guarantee that all the employees and contractors fulfill the maximum level of confidentiality and privacy with respect to all the students enrolled in our courses.