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The course

This it is a new course of photography of vanguard created and directed by some of the best photographers of the industry. The objective of the course is to provide the knowledge and the abilities necessary to initiate a race as professional photographer or advanced fan. A course totally updated and very complete, that includes all the aspects of the photography.

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Scheme of the course

The Course of Professional Photography is distributed online, and consists of 12 complete modules with its 12 corresponding interactive works. The time half required to complete the course is of 24 weeks, although if it is necessary, they are possible to be taken up to 12 months to finish it.

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Advanced modules

Our students also have the opportunity to deepen in some areas of the photography register in the advanced modules that are available for the students who have demonstrated a solid knowledge of the principles of the photography. One is materials especially formulated to defy the students more motivated to arrive more far in his learning.

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The Institute

The Institute of Photography offers the learning solution to you online more outpost of the moment. The course that we distributed is most complete possible, and to it we have the most modern techniques of education online. Our commitment to provide a program of formation of the highest quality is translated in our educational unique systems of support to and students, who produce results without precedents.

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We are recognized by

In association with UNICEF, in the Institute of Photography we are donating 3.00 ‚¬ of each inscription to our course for kids affected by the crisis of Syria. This money will help to provide a safe education to the children in Syria devastated by the war. The UNICEF objective this year is to help to provide a formal and safe education for 1.2 million children in Syria. This includes the provision of facilities, scholastic furniture, qualified teachers, rehabilitation, safe surroundings of learning and material students. In the Institute of Photography we felt like privileged people of being able to work with UNICEF to reach this objective.

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The Author

George Seper began its race as photographer in the city of New York in the decade of the 70 and today accumulates one long and prolific professional trajectory in different photographic sorts, reason why owns a deep knowledge in all the practical and theoretical aspects of the photography. Nowadays he exerts still professionally while he dedicates himself intensely to the Institute of Photography as vehicle for the transmission of his knowledge.

The work of George has appeared in publications of more than 30 countries.

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Our tutors

Our tutors, rigorously selected, are not only great professors, but also experts in their field.
Esther Lozano Belmonte
Esther Lozano began its love by the photography in the university of Information sciences of Madrid where he began in photo journalism.
Nacho Gonz¡lez
Son of photographer, his initial formation was developed in the study and laboratory of his father, making and revealing photos in black and white, reason why its photographic practice has been to him accompanying during all their life.
Charo Moreno
In 2011 he creates next to Nacho Gonz¡lez EMOTIONLUX, a company with base in Ibiza specialized in international news article of high-standing wedding, where he applies a new form to understand and to realise the social news article.
Tiago gives Cunha Ferreira
Tiago as much works with analogical equipment and film, as with digital formats and their works they are of mainly documentary character, trying to catch the human condition.

Testimonies of students

Tomato a little while to read some of the testimonies of graduated ours.
Jairo Rodriguez Nieto


This course has served to me very many to acquire my own photographic glance, thanks to the help of my tutor I have developed a photographic speech that allows me to have the confidence to feel photographer to me.

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Carlota Palermo


It had doubt if to so make a course online of something practitioner, but pleasingly I am surprised and been thankful. I only have gratefulness words. Hopefully to be able to continue doing many more courses your.

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Jaime Junyent Pares


In this course I have been able to learn many techniques that did not know and in addition to take advantage of the benefits that my present camera has.

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Silvia Pe±a Martinez


The photography enchants to me and it helps me at all the moments, good and of life bad. It is a way to show what I see and to express themselves. This course has helped me not only to improve but to want to follow in this world. Thanks therefore.

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Olga Skuridina

Benissa, Alicante Province

The world of the photography is a wonderful world in which now alive I€¦ Thanks to all, I am very happy of to have been part of your family of professional photographers.

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Ewa Rekucki Rekucka

Oviedo (Asturias)

In main lines it seems to me a good course to submerge you in the world of the photography. In addition always it gives two options you, so that they can learn from the nascent people to those than they have good equipment and they already have something of idea on the photography.

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Portfolios of our students

All our students have a gratuitous website to expose their portfolios.

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