Terms and Conditions

When accepting these terms, a binding agreement will have to appear enters you and the Institute of Photography. (€˜IF€™)

When accepting these terms are committed to pay the price of the course (€˜Price of the course€™) for the course that it has selected by virtue of the present Student Agreement (€˜Course€™). After the reception of the amount of course IF a is committed:

1. to provide to all the modules and tasks enumerated by IF for its course (€˜Material of the course€™);

2. a tutor at the time of the inscription assigns itself to him. This tutor will be his contact and will continue being his tutor while he is student of our course. If his tutor absents himself during this term of time, a tutorial substitute will always be available.

3. to evaluate and to describe its tasks;

4. to respond consultations about its course; and

5. to emit a diploma after completing all the works successfully.

The price of the course does not cover other materials that do not appear as material of the course for their study. IF indicates that it is possible that you must provide his own equipment to part of the materials of the course, for example, his camera. Once all the works have been finalized successfully and the price of the course has been phelp in its totality, IF will send a diploma to him.

The materials of the course will be available for you as it advances through course and it sends his works. IF reserves the right to retain the provision of materials of the course in case you do not pay the amounts of the course as they are generated. If you are paying on credit, she must pay the corresponding monthly instalments in or before the date of victory.

Independent of its progress during the course, if you stop paying some quota in the required date, total the pending balance of the amount of the course will have to be phelp immediately.

You can examine without no commitment the first two modules and works during 7 days as of his date of inscription. If for whatever reason he decides not to come with the course, he can send an e-mail to the Institute of Photography within 7 days for a complete reimbursement.

The materials of the course that IF provides to him will happen to their property. Nevertheless, the content of the materials of the course, including the rights of author and all the other contained rights of intellectual property in the same, is intellectual property of IF, Online Education Pty. Limited or a designated third party. You cannot reproduce any part of the materials of the course without the previous consent in writing of IF.

PI does not accept any form of plagiarism. If there is evidence of plagiarism in anyone of its presentations and works, PI reserves the right to retire to him of the course.

The course can be realised in 24 weeks, but it is possible to be taken until a year to finish his studies. Extensions beyond this period are available if it is necessary, nevertheless IF reserves the right to acquire a quota by these extensions.

IF does not become person in charge in case any supply of third parties or any discount on the part of the involved part is revoked.

It is necessary to have a minimum of 16 years to register in this course. Please, put yourself in touch with us if it needs more information.

The Institute of Photography is a branch of Online Education Pty. Limited.