Testimonies of the students

Jairo Rodriguez Nieto


This course has served to me very many to acquire my own photographic glance, thanks to the help of my tutor I have developed a photographic speech that allows me to have the confidence to feel photographer to me.

Technically I have evolved my photograph towards some quality levels that did not hope to me. Really, to participate in the studies of this Photographic Institute to increased my passion by this art.


Carlota Palermo


The truth that I do not have words. I have learned much at the same time as there am very to taste with the professor.

There is much attention, you learn so much with the agenda as with the great advice of your professor.

It had doubt if to so make a course online of something practitioner, but pleasingly I am surprised and been thankful. I only have gratefulness words. Hopefully to be able to continue doing many more courses your.


Jaime Junyent Pares


In this course I have been able to learn many techniques that did not know and in addition to take advantage of the benefits that my present camera has. I am going to recommend it to many people since it is a course that for me, is demanding and very didactic.

My Nacho tutor has been fantastic, incredible, totally predisposed at any moment to help to solve my doubts me. I give 10 him. Finally to say that I will continue making the modules because it continues to me interesting to learn.

Silvia Pe±a Martinez


Everything began as a beautiful liking and this becoming a great addiction. The photography enchants to me and it helps me at all the moments, good and of life bad. It is a way to show what I see and to express themselves. This course has helped me not only to improve but to want to follow in this world. Thanks therefore.


Olga Skuridina

Benissa, Alicante Province

Thank you very much by this course and the support and it helps of the equipment and the tutor Nacho Gonzalez. It was an exciting and interesting course in which I learned not only to handle my camera but also to see the world of another way.

The world of the photography is a wonderful world in which now alive I€¦ Thanks to all, I am very happy of to have been part of your family of professional photographers.

A special gratefulness to the Nacho tutor by its support and helps. It gave confidence me in same me and the way that I chose as photographer.

A strong hug!

Ewa Rekucki Rekucka

Oviedo (Asturias)

I have been satisfied. I have learned and perfected my technical level and have improved at global level. The professors do not take more than 48 hours in answering and they are always very efficient.

In main lines it seems to me a good course to submerge you in the world of the photography. In addition always it gives two options you, so that they can learn from the nascent people to those than they have good equipment and they already have something of idea on the photography.

I consider it quite customized and adaptable to make compatible with other daily tasks.

Alexandra Anca Albu

Caspe (Saragossa)

A great experience to have been able to realise this course. Everything correctly is explained, at any moment you have the help of the tutor if you need it. Very interesting subjects and works very entertained.


Hair Orozco Cordoba

Sant Cugat of Valleys

This course has been a very beautiful experience for me, I have learned very many more than it hoped to me and furthermore it has made me decide to me to be a professional photographer. I began studying this course to be a fan advanced in photography but this course has inspired to me to be more than that. The certain thing is that I am thankful for the work of the educational ones and all the Institute of Photography by this spectacular course that has taught so much to me in so just a short time; it only remains to say Thousand Thanks to me!

Armando Afonso Carrillo


A little less than a year ago I bought my first camera and during a month neither I got it to touch by not knowing nor how ignited. Today, thanks to the learned thing during the Institute of Photography I have managed to have my first photographic exhibition, in addition to several projects related to the photography for 2017 including two exhibitions more, and all this thanks to the great work of education that they develop in this Institute. I give him thanks to my tutor by its commentaries that have helped me to improve my photos. It is a great opportunity for which it wants to begin in the photography or as fan or professional.


Alfonso Mart­n Esteban


An actual formation would have enchanted me, but by my day to day it needed to do it at a distance.

I already realised previously another course online without much luck/quality and after looking for much I gave with the IF course whose program, Web, professors, attention and price finished convincing to me. I have been very happy with the course and more animated to follow in the world of the photography.

Jos© Ignacio Montero Hern¡ndez

Talavera de la Reina

Practitioner had my doubts as far as so realising by Internet a masters of something as it is the photography, but doubtless, my opinion on the matter has changed.

I have extended my knowledge, and they have inspired to me to continue fighting to secure my dream.

It is not possible to say, that as much the near treatment, as the attention of my tutor, has been exceptional.

Maite Sainz of Maza Benet


The accomplishment of this course of photography has made change my photographic vision, there am shortage the importance of the light and the color of the image, at any moment I have felt very accompanied and supported by my tutor.

Although my objective was not the one professionally to dedicate me to the photography, if I have been able to apply all the knowledge obtained in my present work, giving a more technical and professional image.


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