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Esther Lozano Belmonte

Esther Lozano began its love by the photography in the university of Information sciences of Madrid where he began in photo journalism. There he discovered also the secrets of darkroom, revealing by hand the films and copies in black and white. During that time he traveled to Central America and Cuba where he developed several photographic projects that took shape in a collective exhibition that crossed several Spanish cities: €œSeven Looked from Latin America€. Their works also were published among others in the newspaper El Pa­s and Diario 16.

In parallel to its race as journalist in television, Esther completed his studies with a Masters in photography in which she deepened in his knowledge of the hand of some of the most important photographers in Spain: Alberto Garc­a Alix, Cristina Garc­a Rodero, Ouka Lele, Chema Madoz, Isabel Mu±oz and others. From he explored the most artistic branch of the photography and participated with his works in the collective sample €œWoman, Art and Commitment there€ that he traveled by numerous cities of the country. In 2001, he gained the prize to the €œArtistic and Technical Quality€ of the Community of Madrid.

At present Esther combines his documentary work as director of and journalist multimedia with the social and artistic photography.


Nacho Gonz¡lez

Son of photographer, his initial formation was developed in the study and laboratory of his father, making and revealing photos in black and white, reason why its photographic practice has been to him accompanying during all their life. From a very early age also it felt the passion to travel and power to be independent to create his own photographies of trips. It was then, with 19 years, when it decided to move to the United States to become airplane pilot and thus to be able to combine his two passions: the photography and to travel. After several years traveling, it decided to initiate his own business and it started up his first study, where it began to realise another type of photographies, not only of places, but also of people. The business began to prosper and stopped flying to dedicate itself completely to the professional photography.

In order to be able to be to the vanguard of the photography, it decided to deepen first in his knowledge at another level, passing through the studies of some great teachers photographers of Madrid, London and attending Paris as of photography, and later, finalizing this stage with a Masters that helped to find definitively its glance him. After this process of formation, it transferred his learning and knowledge to his work as professor of a School of Art.

Its form to work the social photography is also associated with the interpretation, since it dramatizes the scenes and them force load, using any type of light or environment adjustment for this intention, doing it with a photo-journalistic perspective. Nacho also applies this principle to the advertising photography, although according to she explains €œ€¦ the client is the one that in the end will mark to a large extent what is the definitive image for its product. I like to like and I scrimp neither time nor effort to obtain it.€

€œIn spite of everything, as always I have thought that the total knowledge of a matter does not exist and that more can be learned more and, as you advance; still I believe that all this is not sufficient and consider that there is much to learn. For these reasons, fodder that my better photography is about to still to arrive and my better cinematographic running to create€¦ therefore continues my search.€


Charo Moreno

He begins to work as social photographer in 1998 and develops to this activity during 14 years, extending his formation with diverse photographers and realising multitude of courses and factories.

In 2011 he creates next to Nacho Gonz¡lez EMOTIONLUX, a company with base in Ibiza specialized in international news article of high-standing wedding, where he applies a new form to understand and to realise the social news article. There he develops mainly the direction, accomplishment and assembly of wedding shorts.

Contributing always his photographic glance to each scene, he directs to his equipment of cameras with the aim of obtaining to a high cinematographic impact with great wealth of sequences at every moment of wedding cinema.


Tiago gives Cunha Ferreira

Tiago gives Cunha Ferreira, son of Portuguese, was born in Sao Paulo in 1979. At present he lives in Lisbon, Portugal.

Its first book €œUkama Wangu - My Family€ is a work that documents in black and white the life of a family of Mozambique, with prologue of the writer Mozambican Mia Couto and published by the house Ass­rio and Alvim. This publication was worth the recognition to him as photographer.

Tiago as much works with analogical equipment and film, as with digital formats and their works they are of mainly documentary character, trying to catch the human condition. Also he realises pictures of personalities, he photographs commercial, product and weddings, among others projects.


David Goldman

The professional race of David Goldman began in 1994 when it moved from his hometown from Toronto to Los Angeles. During 12 years, David worked with the majors record seals and companies of television as Warner Brothers. During that time, David produced a good collection of iconic and memorable images for the world of music and the publicity. Their more outstanding works include artists of the size of Madonna, MUSE, Blink-182 or Maynard James Keenan.

After his transfer to New York in 2005, David changed to his approach towards the photography of trips and the publicity, although still she enjoys the fashionable photography that realises for the series of Look television, where it has participated recently. A visit to its webpage gives faith of the extraordinary talent of David.

You can see the work of David in the connection:


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Steven Vote

Internationally recognized and acclaimed, Steven Vote is a photographer of world-wide class, author published in two occasions, plastic artist and film director.

The commercial images of Steven have appeared in magazines and you go advertising worldwide, with a style very near the pure artistic, ebullient, rich and very personal expression.

The work of Steven has appeared in American Photo, PDN, Popular Photography and Applied Arts, and has been acclaimed by Graphis Annual Photo by its exceptional creations. It votes is an enthusiastic and diligent plastic artist, with collectors of his works in places as the United States and Europe.

After a photographic race of almost 20 years in publicity and the publishing world that have taken to him by Sydney, London, Paris and, more recently, New York (its house by more than one decade), Steven Vote lives now with its young family in a small town in the west of Massachusetts.

You can see the work of Steven in the connection:


An actual formation would have enchanted me, but by my day to day it needed to do it at a distance.

Alfonso Mart­n Esteban


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